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PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 4:52 pm 
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It seems that some people fail to understand the FACTS about warranties, so I hope the following explanation will make it clear for them;

ALL manufacturers warranties ONLY cover failures of materials and assembly processes that it would be reasonable to expect NOT to occur, within the warranty time period.

For example, it would be reasonable to expect the spring in the plunger of a solenoid to continue to do its job for the duration of the warranty but if it collapsed and ceased to work as intended, it would be covered by the warranty.

What is NOT covered by ANY warranty are the consequences of incorrect use, abuse and UNAVOIDABLE risks.

Here are 2 examples of unavoidable risk;

1) Even when a relatively fine filter is used in a NITROUS Pulsoid, UNLESS the nitrous has been filtered by an even finer filter when filling the bottle, there is still an UNAVOIDABLE risk that some garbage can get through the filter in the solenoid and cause a leak.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to filter out ALL debris, as the only filter that could do that, would be so fine that it would serious restrict the flow of nitrous, even when clean.

2) We purposely DON'T fit filter screens in to our fuel Pulsoid filter housings (we've even stopped including a filter housing now), because the consequences of a blocked filter are FAR WORSE & MORE CATASTROPHIC (running lean and melting the engine), than not having a filter, which are just a small fuel leak.
Unfortunately, this means that there will be a high probability that debris FROM THE FITTING PROCESS AND/OR THE FUEL SUPPLY, will find its way in to the Pulsoid.
This is an UNAVOIDABLE risk that people MUST take, if they want to avoid the worst that could happen but if they prefer the risk of a filter getting blocked, THEY have the option to ADD an inline filter.
OBVIOUSLY if they choose not to add a filter and if they fail to make sure the fuel delivery system is clean and debris does find its way in to the Pulsoid, the consequences are THEIR RESPONSIBILITY NOT OURS.

Now I'm sure that 99.999999% of intelligent people appreciate all the above and the FACT that we've sold hundreds of thousands of Pulsoids and NEVER had a customer try to blame WON for garbage in their Pulsoid, proves that to be the case.
However, my reason for making this post is that we've just had the FIRST EVER accusation, that debris which has OBVIOUSLY entered the Pulsoid AFTER it left our premises (as any other explanation is IMPOSSIBLE), was IN the Pulsoid after we assembled it AND SUCCESSFUL TESTED IT which is OBVIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE in itself!!!!!!

Anyone wanting further details should read the following thread for the FACTS for why it is IMPOSSIBLE; ... ef958e1652


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